Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Astronomy Talks in Adelaide Nov 19-Dec 10, 2009

The University of Adelaide is presenting a series of free public lectures of interest to anybody with an astronomy - science bent, unfortunately I only found out about it today, when I saw a poster in the lift. Keys to the Universe will present 3 lectures.

“Exploding Stars and the Accelerating Cosmos: Einstein's Blunder Undone” presented by Professor Robert P. Kirshner, Harvard University. Thursday 19th November 2009, 6:30pm, Union Hall, University of Adelaide, North Terrace (map here)

"The Arrow of Time" presented by Professor Sean Carroll, California Institute of Technology, Monday 23rd November 2009. 6:00pm, Union Hall, University of Adelaide, North Terrace

"Modern Subatomic Physics: From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe" presented by Professor Tony Thomas, Australian Laureate Fellow and Elder Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide, Thursday 10th December 2009, 6:30pm, Union Hall, University of Adelaide, North Terrace.

Unfortunately, tonight's meeting is on at the same time as the inaugural Adelaide chapter meeting of the Australian Science Communicators, to which I and the bettdeckererscnappender weisle are going.

UPDATE: Mike Seyfang writes: I have it on good authority the talk was recorded and will be podcast soon at:

A previous talk is available at:


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