Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spleen Guy - Chapter 2 - Page 2

Spleen Guy Chapter 2 Page 2, click to embiggen

Spleen Guy Rides again! This is the second chapter of MiddleOnes Web comic, it's the story of a spleen. This is the second page.

It should be read right to left Manga style, except when it's left to right (like this starting page) or out of sequence. The right side bar is usually the last panel (anyone who has read "Fruits Basket" will recognise the style). Spelling and punctuation mostly as in original.

SPLEEN GUY: So this is hamburger ... Looks preety normal ... Wha! ... WOah!
HEART GUY: ha! ha! Ha!
HEART GUY: heh. I missed, but you wont be lucky next time...FOR I AM THE HEART!
SPLEEN GUY: I thought hearts looked like this.
HEART GUY: that doesn't matter! ... I'm gonna kill you with my staple gun!
SPLEEN GUY: another weird gun?
HEART GUY: its NOT weird!


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