Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mobile Phone Moon

Left image, Clouded Moon photographed by my mobile phone through 10x50 binoculars. Right image, Moon photographed with my mobile phone using red cellophane as a filter.

AS always, I'm looking for ways to do low cost astrophotography, and the combination of binoculars and mobile phone cameras is pretty low cost, but does come with one surprisig disadvantage, not usually a feature of astrophotography.

The images of the Moon are too bright.

I've tried several way to filter the Moons light, conistent with the "low cost" approach. Clouds work reasonably well, but are quite impractical, red cellophane distorts the image too much. The flat, dark 3D glasses thay give out at cinemas aren't dark enough, neither are my polaroid glasses. Overexposed film might work, but no one has large 10x50 sized chunks of overexposed film about these days.

I will meditate on this and think of something.


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