Saturday, May 7, 2011

Morning Line-up, Sunday May 8, 2011

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars in the eastern dawn sky over Adelaide, around 6:00 am. Mars is just above the cloud band.

When I went to bed (after watching Pirates of the Caribbean with EldestOne, my job was to be his pillow), the sky was covered in cloud. Nonetheless I still set my alarm for 3;30, just in case the cloud cleared and there were eta Aquariids to be seen.

Well, I slept straight through the alarm and woke at 10 to 6. The Messenger of the Gods glowed near the Goddess of Love in a sky streaked with clouds. I went down to the beach to get some shots of the line-up, then wended my way back to prepare for Mothers Day breakfast with MiddleOne cooking.


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