Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comet C/2011 W3 Lovejoy's Tail Visible

Location of Comet C/2011 W3 Lovejoy at 4:54 am on Wednesday 21 December (an hour before sunrise) as seen from Adelaide, similar views should be seen elsewhere in Australia at equivalent local times. Although close to the horizon, a 5 degree tail should stick up past the bright star above the comets position (click to embiggen).

I had no luck seeing Comet C/2011 W3 Lovejoy this morning, clouds of course. But two groups did. Peter Sayers in Tasmania (Image via Space Weather) could see it as a just unaided eye object in the twilight, while Vello Tabur couldn't see it in binoculars or unaided eye, but a five degree tail turned up in his DSLR shots.

I'll have another go this morning, hopefully the weather will be kinder, and I will be forearmed with knowledge of comet Lovejoys dimness.


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