Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Which I am a Media Star (yet) Again

I'm virtually saturating the media at the moment.

This Sunday (19 February) I will be on Ashley Walsh's program on 891 ABC Adelaide at 11:40 am ACDST (UTC +10:30) talking about the upcoming year in astronomy.

If you are not in Adelaide the LiveStream will be here.

On Monday evening I did an interview with ABC local radio Port Piri on a new drug which might hold promise for treating Alzheimer's disease. If it wasn't clear from the interview, so many drugs show promise in animal models, but fail utterly in humans. Wait for the human clinical trials before getting excited.

Monday evening also saw a Today Tonight program screen on the homoeopath Monika Milka, which features an interview with me and a demonstration of what homoeopathic dilutions look like (see image above). It's on the web at Today Tonight Adelaide (currently it's the first video "homoeopath", it will scroll down as the days go on). If you scroll down further, the current second last video (Chemical Cans) has an interview with me as well, in which I get the last word. These will eventually scroll into the archive section but look for homoeopath and Chemical Cans will find them.

I also have an article coming up in The Conversation, so keep your eyes peeled. My previous articles are here and here.


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