Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kreutz Sungrazer Found in Swan Images

Is this Kreutz comet seen in the STEREO H1B imager (low resolution beacon image, first piced up by Rob Matson) the SWAN Kreutz comet? (Actually, yes it is, as I was putting this together Karl Battams posted an update identifying the same object).

Another potential Kreutz comet has been picked up. Amazingly, it was picked up in the SWAN imager, no Kreutz comet has been found in this imager before hand. The odds are that this will be a reasonably bright comet, probably not as bright as C/2011 W3 Lovejoy, but still reasonably bright.

Whether it will get bright enough to see with the unaided eye like Lovejoy is an open question. While reasonably bright in the STEREO beacon images, it is not as bright as Lovejoy was.

There are still not enough data points to determine the comets orbit with high accuracy.

Follow the story of the comet over at the Sungrazer Comet site, and at the SOHO comet watchers site.

Video of 20 frames of the H1B low res beacon images. The comet is at the bottom left in the last few frames, entering a coronal mass ejection.


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