Monday, November 19, 2012

Images from the November 14, 2012 Total Eclipse (part 1)

On the day of the Eclipse, after much agonising, I went for a simple set-up with my Olympus SZ-14 with a hand constructed solar filter, and a binocular projection set-up using my Canon IXUS to take photos of the projected images.

Here's the (mostly) Olympus images. The commentary that goes with these images is here. Click on any image to embiggen.

Shortly after Sunrise from the top of Yorkeys Knob. The clouds looked so innocent then.The Yorkeys Knob Crew, they gave a big cheer during my telephone interview with 891 ABC radio.
The Eclipse begins, and the clouds start in earnestGoing ...
Moments before totality, a big cloud had come and squatted toad like on the Sun. Note the streamers of light from behind the cloud, and the patch of Sun underneath..... . which disappear when totality hits. The scene was much darker than this, the Olympus auto adjusts the exposure with no manual override. It was supposed to go eerily quite, but every one was cheering and going WOW!
Is that the Diamond Ring effect or just varying cloud thickness?A wire thin crescent Sun returns.
Coming back...Coming Back.. (and here is where the Olympus decided to lose focus for about half an hour [Frustration])
Coming back...Almost at the end (the Olympus again decides that focussing is for wimps)

So, despite the cloud it was pretty amazing. Not just the images (made more dramatic by the tension surrounding the cloud), but also the camaraderie of the folks on the hill. I'll post the projection images later.


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