Friday, August 9, 2013

NEO 2005 WK4, August 8, 2013

NEO 2005 WK4 at 8:30 UT 8 August, the day before closest approach. 10x30 second images taken with iTelescope T5. The images were stacked in ImageJ and a Max intensity Z project made, then despeckeled and inverted.The sequence is gappy as cloud rendered some frames useless (I took 20 frames)Animated gif from the 10 frames

Near Earth Asteroid 2005 WK4 will come close to Earth on August 9 at 05:02 UT at distance of 0.02 AU (around 8 Earth-Moon distances). It has an estimated diameter of 420 m. The asteroid is currently magnitude 15.5, it reaches mag 14.4 at closest approach then brightens to 14.0 as it moves away.


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